Katie Salgado

Katie has been working in the healthcare field for over 15 years and is excited to bring her knowledge of all things fun and healthcare to The Wellness & Aesthetic Corner. In 2008, Katie was diagnosed with a rare auto immune disorder that caused her to leave her career and active life as she knew it behind. After years of searching, Katie was blessed to something that she feels so passionately about.

Katie’s energy & passion for bringing wellness to her community shows in every interaction she has. She wants every patient of Dr. Jeanty’s to feel encouraged and hopeful about their future and does her best to ensure every patient is treated like family. Katie knows from her own experience that having a wonderful medical team on your side can make all the difference and is now thrilled to be a part of that amazing medical team.

Katie’s focus is on educating and inviting our Denville neighbors to get well through outreach programs and community events. Katie knows first-hand how Dr. Jeanty’s treatments can help anyone reclaim their life and has made it her mission to get our community to their optimal health.

Katie is also the mother of two wonderful children and enjoys traveling, hiking and reading. She is one of several volunteer caregivers at an animal sanctuary and cares for a beloved rescue squirrel named Prince Allan Acorn. Katie is an active volunteer and believes in giving back as much as she has gotten.

Take The First Step On Your Journey Back To Health

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