Marilyn Alicea

Marilyn has been working in the medical field for over 21 years assisting various medical practitioners. Marilyn worked with Dr. Jeanty during her early career and realized the same gap in traditional medicine that propelled Dr. Jeanty to open her center. Their personal beliefs about traditional care and their professional relationship helped forge a solid foundation for The Wellness & Aesthetic Corner. Marilyn has a deep-seated belief that everyone deserves wellness and this passion shines through in the way she cares for everyone that she encounters.

Marilyn has dual role as the Practice Manager and Patient Liaison. As Practice Manager, Marilyn handles the day-to-day management of our busy center, ensuring that all billing and patient inquiries are handled promptly and accurately.

Most patients, however, know Marilyn as our Patient Liaison as she greets every single person who walks through our doors with a warm smile and a sincere desire to guide them on their wellness journey. Marilyn is a compassionate communicator and is skilled at breaking down complex medical terminology to ensure that every patient understands their care plan. Other staff members describe Marilyn as an old soul and a born nurturer whose goal is to make others feel at ease. She believes that her true calling in life is working in a field that helps care for, treat, and heal people from the inside out and she has found that at The Wellness & Aesthetic Corner.

Marilyn is also a proud mother of 4 children and married to her wonderful and supportive husband Carlos. Besides enjoying working at the center, Marilyn also loves to crochet beautiful blankets for her family and friends.

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